Arbitrary arrests of journalists are exposing an increasingly out-of-control Museveni

Before Ugandans get to digest the news of the arrest of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija for writing a book that not only illustrates Museveni’s inherent greed but also his predatory nature, we receive the shocking news of yet another predatory arrest – That of Samson Kasumba, a news anchor and senior journalist with NBS TV.

Kasumba’s arrest yesterday night after he co-anchored the Live at 9 news bulletin, just like all CMI illegal arrests, is shrouded in mystery.

Until Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga issued a vague statement, speculations were flying all over social media platforms, prominent among which was the fact Kasumba had finally gotten on nerves of Museveni, with his persistent social media posts, in which he called out the president on various issues where he miserably fell short on accountability and good governance as the leader of Uganda.

It also emerged that eloquent Kasumba had been criticising the authenticity of coronavirus pandemic statistics issued by both Museveni and the Ministry of healthy; he raised red alarms that there were several COVID19 positive cases in the country that are never reported nor do the patients have access to medical care. Observers believe this could have also angered Museveni thus ordering his arrest.

It is said that CMI arrested the vocal journalist before handing him over to Police for detention, to blindside legal parameters.

So far, police has been dodgy in their explanation concerning the arrest of Kasumba, only placing the arrest on ‘subversive activities’ without caring to elaborate what this means.

The arrest of Kasumba raises concerns of dwindling freedoms of press and expression, pointing to a regime that is increasingly tending towards impunity and tyrannical practices.

Museveni has started to realise that his overstay in power and attempt to forcefully impose himself on Ugandans has started backfiring. With Ugandans openly expressing their disgust, Museveni seems to be taking the desperate route of muzzling their voices through arbitrary incarceration on trumped-up charges.

Museveni needs to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s only a matter of time because Ugandans are determined to take back their country from the clutches of the mafia and highway robbers.

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