As he grows old and frail, paranoid Museveni is degenerating into an absolute tyrant and man eater

Things are falling apart. Senile Museveni is now like the serpent that turns to its own hatchings for nourishment. The man is posessed without doubt and whatever has taken control of him has turned him into a vampire that is devouring anything and everything that crosses his way.

While Ugandans have completely locked themselves in their shacks, fearing to even peek through a hole for fear of the terror on the streets, perpetrated by Museveni’s combined brainwashed forces of UPDF, UPF and LDU; Museveni has embarked on his next target- his own longtime army comrades.

Before the dust even settles after he pounced on his former spy chief, Gen. Henry Tumukunde who is languishing behind bars, Museveni has descended on his next victim. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga was picked by military police and taken to Mbuya barracks for detention.

But what makes the whole saga scary is the fact that the UPDF spokesperson, not knowing that his Kasirye Gwanga had pulled a fast one on them and contacted media, denied the fact that the retired Eloquent UPDF general was actually in detention. In Karemire’s spin to the media who contacted him, he categorically denied the allegations as pure lies, and offered that Kasirye Gwanga had instead been admitted for medical reasons at the Mbuya senior officers’ Diagnostic Centre.

What made it even more suspicious and ominous, is the fact that the UPDF spokesperson’s order of events was being contradicted by none other than SoftPower, the online tabloid dedicated to sanitise Museveni’s goofs.

Political observers are stating that Museveni, who has never posessed the credentials of a politically upright leader, is showing sings of degenerating into an absolute and open tyrant. They opin that as he grows old and frail both physically and mentally, Museveni is gettting dangerously paranoid, hence his recent Machiavellian conduct.

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