COVID-19: Museveni should be charged with attempted murder for issuing mixed signals to his security forces to brutalize Ugandans

In his trademark way of deflecting blame, Museveni was heard ‘scoffing’ at his security personnel for brutally enforcing his directives aimed at controlling the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

For many who have come to understand Museveni as a man who seldomly says what he means and never means what he says, it was deja vu for him only to pronounce himself on the wanton violence during his fourth TV appearance.

Violence by a combined force of UPDF, UPF and LDUs against Ugandans commenced immediately after his first TV appearance, and although this has always been reported and exposed by media, Museveni has been ignoring the atrocities, until yesterday when he unleashed what has now come to be considered a cosmetic threat of ‘attempted murder’ charge which he has been throwing around carelessly during his growingly unpopular TV shows.

Dont be deceived though, Museveni is not anywhere near being remouseful about the humiliating treatment of Ugandans by his security personnel in the name of controlling Coronavirus. If anyone deserves to be charged here, it should be Museveni himself.

By sending out mixed signals during his directives, he aimed at getting exactly the results he got, because he knows his security thoroughly well.

Museveni does not care about Ugandans because he also knows that they dont like him. This is the reason he is so willing to unleash his brutal security machinery on anyone, even when the reasons are for their own good like the control of Coronavirus.

The relationship between Museveni and Ugandans has always been that of the ‘voter’ and the ‘voted’ and ever since reality sunk in that Ugandans cant wait for him and his cronies to quit the Ugandan polical space after 34 years of gross incompetence and mismanagement of Uganda, Museveni has turned into a vindictive brutal tyrant.

Thats why it took him too long to react about the indiscriminate beatings by security forces, which did not even spare the very medical personnel who were involved in saving Ugandans infected by Coronavirus.

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