It’s official, data from Museveni’s COVID-19 updates on TV do not represent the reality on the ground

Finally, someone has confirmed the suspicions of many who have been following the trend of Uganda’s rather dramatic fight against Coronavirus

That Museveni decided to turn the pandemic into a convenient avenue to score political mileage is not surprising. What is baffling to many is the fact that Museveni and his incompetent thieving cronies went as far as manipulating data so as to maintain their delusional stature of a government, that has immense experience in fighting epidemics and pandemics (Although they have always dodged the question why they don’t want to be known as the government that has successfully fought pandemics and epidemics from coming to Uganda instead, since a prevention hero is always more glorified than a cure hero).

Jimmy Spire Sentongo, a suspected CVID-19 patient in quarantine has spilt the beans. He posted thus: “Anyone with basic research knowledge would know that MOH COVID-19 statistics and announcements are based on problematic sampling methods with the convenient mindset that sick people are in quarantine.”

Now, this should be troubling not only to Ugandans, but to the rest of the region, especially in countries that have embarked on measures to control the raging pandemic with the seriousness it deserves. This can be better explained by the analogy of two neighbouring farmers, where one weeds his farm thoroughly while the other one lets his to be overtaken by weeds of different types. No matter how the serious farmer tries, weeds will always invade his farm from the farm of the negligent farmer. I hope you get the drift?

Sentongo continues to warn us not to be duped by Museveni’s continued announcement of negative results from huge samples. He says the reason is because the Ugandan Ministry of Health keeps re-testing the same people who are in quarantine, while sending away new suspected cases. Sentongo reveals that he has been tested twice and MOH has announced his negative results among the latest negative ones.

This confirms the fact that Museveni is a heartless tyrant who doesn’t give a damn about the lives of the people he has oppressed for the last 34 years.

Ugandans have always known the ailing Museveni as a conniving tyrant who only cares about his selfish interests. However, this time objective observers are opining that senility has led him to cut the same tree branch he is sitting on.

While he (Museveni) asks his cronies to manipulate data in bid to obscure the reality of Coronavirus in Uganda, he forgets that you cannot conceal a pandemic, especially after what we have seen happening in countries like Italy, Spain and the United States.
And since it’s also about the upcoming elections, does it occur to him that there might be no Ugandans to vote for him…oh i forget that he is not president because of votes of Ugandans. But still, it’s the Ugandans who toil to pay taxes that sustain him and his cronies. The least he could do is to ensure that as many Ugandans as possible survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is sad that even the few who might come out on the other side alive might not survive the tyrant’s brutal army, police and LDUs.

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