Over 100 COVID-19 positive cases stuck at Mulago Hospital as scared medics refuse to attend to them

While Museveni and his COVID-19 taskforce led by Minister Janet Aceng want Ugandans and the world to believe that Uganda is up to the task in the fight against Coronavirus in Uganda, the situation is dire, and we may be looking at a rapidly unfolding health catastrophe.

Museveni and his team are hiding the painful truth from Ugandans, and since the media is shut out from following the situation, Ugandans and the world have been obstructed from the dire situation in our hospitals and other places where cases are being managed.

A fly on the wall in Mulago has been able to share the situation at Mulago hospital, and the footage casts a horrific situation, different from the rosy picture presented by Museveni during his ridiculous daily updates.

Our source from Mulago reliably says that there are more than 100 Coronavirus positive cases, and that some are dying off because medics are too overwhelmed to take care of them.

Our source at Mulago advises that no one should go to Mulago if they suspect they have the virus, they should instead go to a private health unit because the situation at Mulago is horrific.

In a video footage doing the rounds on social media, a patient is seen lying motionless on a hospital bed as everyone around is avoiding going near the bed.

Medics are heard shouting at each other as they engage in a blame game over why they think they should be the ones to touch the patient.

Museveni and his Coronavirus taskforce also have hidden from the world the fact that Uganda has already registered a death from Coronavirus. According to reliable sources, the first patient succumbed to the virus on Friday, March 27 at Mulago Hospital.


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