The laughable arm-wrestling between Mafia Museveni and his pseudo wife Janet Makumbi Mwesigwa Kataha a.k.a the killer Mama of Entebbe State House

For the umpteenth time the emaciated leader of Matooke Republic Mafia Museveni has garbaged his wife’s epileptic Janet Makumbi Mwesigwa Kataha’s proposal to have classes resumed as soon as possible amid the raging COVID-19.

In a yesterday’s 14th consecutive TV appearance, the inept and emaciated leader of the Matooke Republic slammed his wife’s earlier directives on resuming schools before the closure of this month, saying such are unbaked decisions endangering his grandchildren.

The epileptic Kataha no doubt would want to help his senile and Mafia half-divorced husband to accomplish their mission of exterminating as many Ugandans children as possible before the 2021. She never liked children as many thought, remember how she procured three abortions from both William Mwesigwa and Makumbi.

Just to remind you that the epileptic and the sexual maniac Kataha has been doing in so many ways by trafficking children and organ harvesting.

The women syndicate in Uganda on orders of Kataha Museveni a.k.a the killer and the epileptic mother (Mama) of a Entebbe state house have been tapping millions of dollars in trafficking Ugandan teenagers.

So far as many as 40,000 girls since 2014 have been sold in Arab countries for as little as $1000, the money that would be channeled directly to offshore bank accounts belonging to Kataha the killer mother or alternatively her daughters accounts.

In connection with Robert Baldwin, the number one human organs firms alongside Patience Rwabwogo Museveni, her husband Rwabwogo, the half divorced wife of Mafia Museveni has been at the fore front of this business. Together they have been sending innocent Uganda girls outside Uganda for sexual exploitation and harvest of their body organs.

The role of the killer mother has been to lift any administrative stumbling block that might bar the transaction of sex slaves, their body organs (many supplied from domestic hospitals with the support of the health ministry) and or disbursement of money coming from those bloody businesses.
Before I talk about how she deliberately procured three abortions of pregnancies she got through different men, Mafia Museveni not included, let me first talk about her performance back at Bweranyange girls school and Makerere University.
Like all stupid, ignorant and arrogant, pretentious Bahima girls, Kataha never took her studies serious, instead back at school, she had enslaved a group of Bakiga girls who would take notes and do every other work on her behalf like donkeys. She would reward them by just conning them further.

When she got admitted at Makerere university –under mysterious circumstances, because it was never on merit, she hired another Mukiga called Molly Asiimwe to do everything for her, including sitting for her exams. In return she promised her connections with some Bahima men in hope that she would get a part-time job in Kampala. It never was the case.

For those hopeless and myopic Ugandans who think Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi Museveni a.k.a the epileptic and the killer mother is fit to run Uganda’s ministry of education, they are wrong and cursed.


This blogpost was originally published by a Ugandan Facebook Page, NRM Museveni

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