The sad tales of Ugandans stuck abroad

While despot Museveni is busy forcing himself on Ugandas’ TV space, pushing to propagate the narrative of a warrior who led Ugandans through great epidemics and pandemics, tales of Ugandan facing humiliation abroad turn all his stunts into a mockery.

Victoria is one on the many Ugandans caught up by the Coronavirus lockdown out of Uganda. She is in Shenzen, China, where the circumstances have placed her between a wall and a hard place for the last three months.

The Chinese dont want her and other foreigners there, and neither is there anything her country is doing to rescue her and fellow Ugandans from homelessness and humiliation.

In an interview on NBS, Victoria elicited sad emotions as she narrated the plight of Ugandans currently stuck in China, where they are facing starvation and humiliating racism. She says that although she has reached out to the Ugandan Embassy, they literally told them they are on their own.

When you have a government like that headed by a nepotistic and corrupt ruler like Museveni, you pray not to face any problems abroad, because the embassies are only there to represent the interests of Museveni, his family and cronies, not those of the people of Uganda.

While other African countries have repatriated their nationals stuck in foreign lands, Museveni doesnt even seem to know there is life beyond his Entebbe palace.

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