Uganda deporting EAC nationals is an act of bad faith

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a global menace that calls for global solidarity to control with the ultimate goal of elimination. Our collective strength against this novel disease depends on our level mindedness, organisation and compassion, among other strengths.

It is unfortunate that Uganda seems to be pursuing a lone-ranger approach in this fight. While everyone seeks to learn best practices from the other, the Ugandan President and his government officials have chosen selfishness in pursuit of heroism.

In so doing, Uganda is persistently alienating itself from the rest of the region by behaving like a teenage boy keen on performing dangerous stunts to impress teenage girls.

United we stand, divided we fall. Museveni and his establishment seem to think otherwise. Museveni seems to think that he knows better, judging from his Coronavirus TV addresses. Harbouring this delusional assumption that he has all the answers, Museveni has shunned regional approach, to the extent of even flaunting World Health organisation guidelines.

For instance, while other countries have been receiving and testing people who arrive on their territories and taking care of them in the eventuality that they treat positive, Museveni has been expelling them and dumping them to their respective nations.

Now, calling this mean-spirited is an understatement. A number of Ugandans have been tested positive, quarantined and treated in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda without any consideration of their nationalities.

The spirit of East African solidarity has eluded Museveni and his establishment. There have been disturbing reports of Uganda deporting Rwandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian nationals who have tested positive of Coronavirus. This is wrong not only at a public health level but also in the aspect of humanitarian conduct.

The expulsions are not only against World Health Organisation guidelines on how to handle pandemics such as the COVID-19 outbreak, but have also exposed Uganda’s neighbourliness credentials. This sheds light on accusations from neighbours who have accused Uganda of committing atrocities against their nationals as well as playing host to negative forces bent on destabilising their peace.

Apparently, Museveni is obsessed with maintaining an unrealistic Coronavirus ‘clean sheet’. This psychotic obsession denies Ugandans proper access to due assistance, because the reality is concealed. Ugandans are sacrificed on the altar of Museveni’s egoistic pursuits of a heroic status.

It is worrying to see his health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Achieng, in her daily Twitter updates, mislead the world that out of thousands of tests conducted none turned out positive. She even unashamedly invokes the name of God, thanking Him for results she knows are manipulated to nurse the instatiable ego of Museveni.

Museveni must know that it does not matter whether he emerges the world champion in the fight against coronavirus. What matters at the end is the collective victory that will see the world population emerge on the other side of this pandemic safe and dry.

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