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Uganda politicking the COVID-19 fight by disinfecting trucks from Rwanda whilst trucks from red zone borders like Malaba, Mutukula and Busia cross in freely

As other governments are taking serious measures and logic measures to combat COVID-19, our government has chosen to play politics with the issue. Instead of explaining how an LDU shoots, in broad daylight, two innocent people a motorcycle rider and a pregnant woman— our government is showing us trucks from Rwanda being disinfected.

To-date, Uganda has not registered any “import” case of COVID-19 from Rwanda. In fact, Rwanda has been steps ahead in the fight against the pandemic and set important examples such as lockdowns, food distribution and truck disinfection on all her border posts. It also sought financing for the fight against the pandemic ahead of Uganda and seems to have everything in control. As we try to emulate their examples, the lack of leadership in Uganda has derailed all efforts with cheap politicking quickly taking over.

When quarantine measures were announced, we were all shocked to see how chaotic the exercise was. Individuals bribed their way out of quarantine and went on to infect unsuspecting Ugandans. Lockdown measures were not any better; we saw the wrath of police, UPDF and LDUs engaging in running battles with traders. Instead of imposing the lockdown, they were more interested in looting, beating traders and extorting money from the general public.

Today, we are seeing a shocking CCTV video of an LDU shooting a boda boda rider and a pregnant woman. They most likely refused to bribe him and his reaction was to shoot them. Relief food distribution too was marred by corruption and violence. NRM was allowed to campaign with food distribution while others were arrested, beaten and tortured for distributing food. MP Francis Zaake almost died in police custody for distributing food to his constituents. They beat him, forced him to swear never to oppose “His Excellency Yoweri Museveni, Honorable Maama Janet Museveni”, and “his son the most Honorable Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Uganda’s next president.”

To state that chaos marks the fight against the pandemic is an understatement. Now, we see an extraordinary effort to disinfected trucks from Rwanda, the wrong frontline in fighting COVID-19, when the real danger is of trucks from Kenya or Tanzania. Not only are there zero infections from Rwanda, but truck crossing from other countries routinely bribe to flaunt basic health measures and as our President says, our daughters and granddaughters run to mingle with high risk drivers.

Unless we refuse to be hoodwinked by silly shows and demand for clear vision and leadership in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, our struggle is worthless and our defeat against COVID-19 guaranteed.

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