Ugandans alarmed as Museveni openly endorses his security forces brutality

Museveni sounded like he missed out on the action when his forces clobbered Ugandans.

As if the threat of dying from Coronavirus, hunger and violence meted out against them by a combined force of UPDF, UPF and LDU was not enough already, Museveni has, in no uncertain terms endorsed and defended more violence against innocent Ugandans who have been thrown into a dilemma over whether to hide from security forces and starve to death or venture out of their homes and be shot to death by security forces on the prowl. While previously violence by security force was shrugged off as a misinterpretation of Museveni’s directives by security forces commanders, Museveni has come out to prove that he actually issued mixed signals during his initial directives, and therefore security forces were following his actual orders when they clobbered children, old men and women – and in some incidents, even domestic animals.

During his address, he made it clear to viewers that he enjoyed to see his security men make Ugandans suffer, by the very choice of words he made.

Listen to this: “The other day we beat up some people who were throwing stones. Please stop throwing stones to officers because it can result in loss of life of an officer in case he was not having protective gears like one of the Police officers Aliong who was stoned in Kampala. So if you continue doing these officers will fire live bullets in self-defence,” he said, making it clear that he was on the side of the brutal security forces.

Adding that: “…You beat me and I beat you until I subdue you, use force in self-defence and arrest. An attack on a soldier is a dangerous move, they are going to work but you attack them if you don’t stop, they can shoot you. You should issue them standing orders, how can you beat me? a soldier! I must make you lose appetite of beating.” At the part where he was wondering how a civilian could dare to stand up to a soldier, Museveni seemed genuinely angry, like he personally had missed out on the action when his forces went on rampage in the name of enforcing his directives.

Ugandans are not worried about Museveni’s extension of the lockdown for a further 21 days, their worst worry is the fact that the President has technically ordered his army, police and LDUs to shoot them on sight.

“If security forces could unleash so much violence before under the excuse of wrong interpretation of directives, it is hard to imagine what will happen during this next phase of lock-down when the security forces now have Museveni’s direct orders to brutalise us and even shoot us,” said John Lubowa, a resident of Kampala.

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