Why is Museveni being suddenly territorial? Is he seeing his last days?

Is our SSabalwanyi Museveni bidding Ugandans farewell? The old man’s sudden burst of energy and the clamour to be in charge and at the top of everything is ominous.

Have you noticed how, now more than any time in his 35-year misrule of Uganda, Museveni has suddenly turned into a territorial wild animal, literally sprinkling his urine on every thicket in the jungle, as a warning signal that he is in charge.

For instance, today Museveni did his 11th TV appearance to deliver updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic, and everyone wonders why it has to be him to give the updates and not his minister of health. These updates are supposed to be technical aspects concerning the country’s strategic measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

In an ideal world, no one would be better positioned than the minister of health to give the COVID-19 updates to Ugandans. But Museveni has insisted he should take that responsibility, pushing the minister to the periphery- she can only make updates of results from new tests on her twitter handle.

Recently, the country was plunged into darkness (ironically, it happened as Museveni was delivering one of those COVID-19 updates (during which he ended up digressing to issues like how his motorcade hit a goat in Bweyogerere, locust invasion), luckily he did it outdoors, otherwise statehouse was also affected by the blackout). It was later announced that a ‘floating island’ had been entangled in the turbines at one of the hydroelectricity dams, as the cause of the electricity hitch. The problem has since been rectified and power restored, and the country is back to the usual load shedding.

Be it as it may, as Ugandans are trying to get used to him imposing himself as the national epidemiologist, Museveni now wants to play the national electricity engineer. He has announced that he would be going ‘to see what’s up’ with the power turbines that cause that power hitch. You should have seen him touring the Nalubaale dam and explaining water dynamics to imaginary ‘Bazukulu.’ IF you ask me, this was a minor issue that the Minister of Infrastructure would have handled with his technical team.
At the end of last year, people still remember how he led a group of his cronies in the walk of shame, which he dubbed ‘Anti-Corruption Walk.’ Before Ugandans got over that disbelief, the old man’s video of his ostensibly ‘teaching Ugandans how to exercise at home’ went viral. Not that it taught anyone anything about exercising, but people were shocked at the old man’s nerve.

All this sudden burst of energy and queer behaviour has set tongues wagging, people are whispering, wondering whether the old man’s last days are not near. It is said that when an old person’s last days approach, they get a premonition and in traditional Africa, the old man is normally seen to be more active, trying to put things in order, even appointing his heir and dividing up property. Is everyone thinking what I am thinking?

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